Friday, December 30, 2011

Why not to plan so hard for Christmas!

This is the first Christmas I have had off in the last 4 years, mainly because I am on Maternity leave. This is also the first Christmas with the first great-grand baby on my fathers side, so my little man was going to be the center of attention. The weeks leading up to Christmas we forwent visiting with friends that we knew were sick just because we wanted to limit my son from getting sick over the holidays. About a week and a half before Christmas he got sick, but was over it before the holidays even started. Breathing a sigh of relief that, hey at least he got it out of his system before the holidays. I should have known that all the work I put into him not getting sick, that the inevitable was coming.

Sure enough the morning of the 23rd started the projectile vomiting. Thinking that he just started his medication again that it hadn't kicked in yet that is all it was. Boy was I wrong! This was the start of almost a week long virus that is super contagious.

On the 24th, he was still vomiting and was starting to refuse to eat. The little that he did would just come right back up. Tradition, on Christmas Eve on my fathers side is we all go to my grandparents and snack on meats and cheese from the Italian supermarket, until midnight when everyone gets to open gifts, then off to bed and we get Santas gifts in the morning. Now that my uncle has three young kids and I now have Logan we opened gifts much earlier so we didn't have screaming children underfoot. Not knowing what Logan had yet we went over, warning everyone that he had been sick all day so not to hang around him so they didn't catch it. Once everyone was ready to and all packing up, my uncles smallest girl kissed Logan goodbye. Of course we all thought it was so cute so we got her to do it again so we could all take pictures. Oops, big mistake!

Next day still vomiting and now the lovely watery diarrhea. Starting to get a little worried because I am now having to force liquids on my son just so he doesn't get dehydrated, I call the Health Link. I explain what has been going on and what should/ shouldn't I be doing. I was then informed that he has Norwalk virus and it is super contagious, and there is nothing to do for him other than make sure he keeps hydrated, and oh ya STAY home and start cleaning everything with bleach. As the words stay home are ringing in my head all I can think of is that cute little kiss goodbye. As soon as I got off the phone I had to call everyone that was at my grandparents last night and warn them!

The 26th, this is when the whole family was supposed to get together for the family supper. My father and I usually cook all the family supper get togethers, and that was the plan for this day. Now my dad has caught this virus and my uncles little girl and it was passed to my uncles, wife's mother. Our Supper of 13 is now 6(more family members couldn't make it because of being sick). I went over just to help cook and once we were done I came right back home.

The endless watery diapers and following Logan around cleaning up vomit has now gone till the 28th. He was still getting sick on the 29th but is now starting to eat again. However I now have it. Christmas did not go as planned this year. Hopefully next year we will get it right.

The positive side to all of this is all the cuddling time I got out of it!

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