Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fisher Price Space Saver Highchair!

We originally purchased a highchair for our son. To be honest we didn't put much thought into it. I started looking at the ones I thought looked the best rather than practicality. The one we ended up with is very big, and always in the way in our small kitchen. I cannot count the many times my DH and I have tripped, kicked and run into it. So when I got the chance to try out Fisher Prices' Space Saver High Chair I was super excited.

                Assembly was actually quite easy. The hardest part was fighting our lovely son for the pieces while putting it together. Before we attached it to our kitchen chair we sat him in the seat and tried out the seat and tray into the different positions that they sit in. The seat reclines which is great for an infant to just relax in the chair while you are in the kitchen or eating at the table. Also, if you have the seat reclined you can still have the tray on and move it to different positions, which is great! 

               We love the way that the seat is shaped like a bucket seat, it makes it harder for my son to try to climb out of or hang off the side, so I am noticing less food on the floor. The tray is also wonderful, it has deep sides so that food stays on the tray, even when our little one is swishing his food all over the place, and it wipes off very easily. 

            When the fabric on the chair got too messy, it was easy to remove and clean. I put it through the washer and hung it to dry, and it come out without a stain on it.  As mamas, who doesn't love something that doesn't stain easily?! Also we tried the chair without the fabric and it worked well that way, too. I would definitely recommend it to whoever is looking for a chair and wished we looked into this option before we got a huge highchair (which is now in the corner being used as storage). A great product, with so many great aspects!

Your momstown Edmonton North mama,


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